What are the meanings of score???

Do you afraid of tests??
Why do you afraid of tests??
      Mostly,my friends answer me, they don't like tests since they don't accept EVERYTIME what they have scored in tests.
        Is that really horrible?
        For me, I just accept my score in all the tests, EVERYTIME. Sometimes, I think if you scoring low, it isn't a big problem. That means that you can have a better improvement. For example, if you score 90marks, you are going to keep it or making a better improvement to score higher. If you get full marks, you will try to keep it. But isn't it hard if your improvement has only got a small place to increase??
         Therefore, if you score sixty, or fail, you shouldn't be discouraged. You should be confident and not be afraid. Tests, are just a little problem in our lives, there're still long way to go and more difficult challenges are waiting for you to discover.


Expectation and Reality

Sometimes, things aren't the same...

          Have you ever buy things in the Internet? They will show you some pictures that make you think are beautiful. Then, you will buy. However, when you receive the packages, sometimes, you will be disappointed that the things you buy aren't really the same or you aren't expecting them to be like that.
          Let's have some examples 
  • Models are wearing beautiful and shining clothing on the magazine cover
  • Eating food that isn't the same like the pictures in the menu
  • Girls have big eyes and beautiful appearance but may some of them are just makeup 
     I would like to say that we should follow our hearts. Not to trust the photos that you see in the Internet but not in the real life since some of them may not be true. If you really want to buy things in the Internet, first think for yourself that is it trustable and really need. Then, you can ask some of your friends suggestions. Remember to buy online items wisely!!